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Werner Baer Fellowship

Nomination Deadline: Monday, Januray 29, 2018

The Lemann Institute's Werner Baer Fellowship supports UIUC students who are either 1) incoming graduate students from Brazil (i.e., citizens of Brazil) who are pursuing a doctorate in the social sciences, or 2) dissertation-level students (of any nationality) conducting social science research on Brazil in any department. The number of awards varies year to year and may depend upon the strength of the nominations received.


Award Amount:

Fellowships will generate a tuition waiver along with coverage of the AFMFA fee, Library/IT fee, service fee, basic dental and vision fees, and partial payment of the graduate student health insurance fee per semester.


A selection committee composed of faculty associated with the Lemann Institute will determine awardees. Announcement of the awards will be made within six weeks of the nomination deadline.


Awardees may not hold both a Werner Baer Fellowship and another waiver-generating fellowship or assistantship concurrently. As well, awardees may not hold other employment during the fellowship period.


The IRS has ruled that universities are not responsible for withholding or reporting income taxes on their fellowship payments for U.S. citizens, foreign resident aliens for tax purposes, or permanent residents. However, the IRS does require that universities withhold taxes from the fellowship payments to international students on temporary visas that are classified as non-resident aliens for tax purposes.
International students may be able to claim a treaty benefit that exempts the fellowship from income tax withholding.


Within 30 days of completing their fellowships, awardees must submit a written report to the Lemann Institute that summarizes the study/research outcomes of the fellowship period. Dissertation research fellows will be invited to present their research in the Lemann Institute lecture series.

Nomination Process:

Deadline: Monday, January 28, 2019.

Completed applications and proposals must be submitted in electronic format and uploaded to Box.

Students must be nominated by their departments, and each department may submit as many nominations as it likes. To nominate an incoming student, departments should submit the materials below as instructed. For dissertation-level students wishing to be nominated, they and their letter writers should each submit their respective materials to the department's contact person by the department's internal deadline (interested students should check with the Director of Graduate Studies to identify the appropriate contact person and the departmental deadline).

The department must scan materials into a single pdf file, and the file should be named as follows: LastName, FirstName - DeptAbbreviation - Baer2018 (for example: Smith, John - Anth - Baer2018). The pdf should then be uploaded using this form. The pdf should contain the following documents, arranged in the following order:

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