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Lemann Graduate Fellowship for Brazilian Studies

2018-2019 Lemann Graduate Fellowship for Brazilian Studies

The Lemann Institute of Brazilian Studies offers fellowships to University of Illinois graduate students doing research about Brazil. Depending upon Institute funding and the proposed plan of study or research, awards may be made for one semester (carrying a stipend of $10,000), one academic year (stipend of $20,000), or for students planning to conduct research in Brazil, support for the Spring Semester and Summer of 2019 (carrying a Spring-Summer stipend of $10,000 for the Spring and $6,000 for the summer, as well as airfare to/from Brazil up to $2,000). The Lemann Graduate Fellows will have tuition and fee waivers from LAS units and participating professional schools. The number of awards varies year to year and may depend on the strength of the applications received.

Eligibility: The Lemann Graduate fellowship is open to all UIUC advanced graduate students who are developing research on Brazil. Graduate and professional students at UIUC enrolled in a graduate degree program with a substantial focus on Brazil are strongly encouraged to apply. Students who already have another fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year are not eligible. Students who have held a previous Lemann Graduate Fellowship may re-apply once however, students that re-apply will not necessarily be ranked above other new applicants.

Restrictions: These fellowships are available to graduate students who want to conduct research in or about Brazil. Awards can be used for airfare, in-country transportation expenses, living expenses and research-related expenses. Independent research, pre-dissertation and dissertation research, and professional degree-related activities in or about Brazil are permissible. Comparative research dealing with Brazil and other countries are also eligible, but the Institute will only fund the Brazilian portion of the research. Students on Lemann Graduate Fellowships may not have another fellowship, University job or assistantship for the duration of the fellowship, and are expected to devote full time to study or research during their fellowship tenure. Spring-Summer and one-semester awards are contingent on approval from the applicant’s Director of Graduate Studies.

Evaluation: A fellowship committee composed of faculty associated with the Lemann Institute will determine the awards. Announcement of awards will be made within six weeks of the established deadline.

Reporting: Awardees will report to the Lemann Institute within 30 days of completing their fellowships. Second year MA or third and fourth year PhDs are required to submit a written report that includes research results, proposed final stages of the project, itinerary, and an account of funds expended, as well as making a seminar presentation at a one-day workshop organized by the Lemann Institute in the fall of 2018.

Taxes: The IRS has ruled that universities are not responsible for withholding or reporting income taxes on fellowship payments for U.S. citizens, foreign national resident aliens for tax purposes, or permanent residents. However, the IRS does require that universities withhold taxes from the fellowship payments to international students on temporary visas that are classified as non-resident aliens for tax purposes. International students may be able to claim a treaty benefit that exempts the fellowship payment from income tax withholding. For more information on taxes, consult the IRS web page:,-Fellowships,-and-Grants-Paid-to-Aliens


Completed applications and proposals must be submitted in electronic format and uploaded to Box.

Deadline: Monday, January 29, 2018.

Proposals will not be accepted without all application materials, listed below.

Applicants must submit the following information to this Box account.

Applicants should arrange for the appropriate faculty members to upload the following to this Box account. The filename should be LastName, FirstName - DeptAbbrev - Lemann2018 - RecommenderInitals.pdf.:

For more information please contact Elis Artz, Program Coordinator for the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies at