Lemann Center Collaborative Research Grants

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Lemann Center Collaborative Research Grants 2023 Call for Proposals

The Collaborative Research Grants have the objective of supporting research proposals between UIUC faculty and faculty in universities and public research institutions in Brazil.

The deadline for applications for these grants is February 13, 2023. Grant awards may be up to $20,000, depending on the proposed project and the Center’s budget, to support one year of collaborative research.

Eligibility: The Lemann Collaborative Research Grants are available to all UIUC full-time faculty who are developing a research project with a faculty member in Brazil.The application must include one faculty member at UIUC.

Restrictions: Awards can be used for on-campus research, airfare, in-country transportation expenses, living expenses and other research-related expenses. Comparative studies between Brazil and other countries can be considered; however, only the Brazilian portion of the search will be funded. Released time for write-ups will not be considered. Expense requests in the research proposal are subject to review and approval by the Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies and the Illinois Global Institute business administration office. See budget guidelines below.

Evaluation: Applications will be ranked by an interdisciplinary committee of Brazilianists appointed by the Center.

Reporting: Grant winners must submit a 1-2 page report no later than six weeks after the tenure of their Grant. Successful applicants must also acknowledge support received from the Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies in publications flowing from their grant, and must agree to discuss their findings in a seminar at the Center.

Budget Guidelines: Please see the research budget guidelines, posted here.

The competition takes place annually and the next deadline is February 13, 2023.

Completed applications and proposals must be submitted in electronic format and uploaded to Box.

Applicants must submit the following information in one single PDF file.

  1. A double-spaced, 1000-word proposal, plus bibliography. The proposal should discuss hypotheses, relevant theories and methods, the data employed, and how the UIUC faculty member is collaborating with a counterpart in Brazil.
  2. A brief descriptive title and a 200-word summary of the project.
  3. A detailed budget for the research, and the amount requested from the Lemann Center. If the counterpart faculty in Brazil is/are also seeking funding from Brazilian agencies, applicants should also include the budget submitted by the Brazilian scholar(s) to their funding agencies.
  4. A current Curriculum Vita for the Principal Investigators (UIUC faculty member and the Brazilian scholar[s]). The proposal should also include the CVs of any other person participating in the research team.
  5. The itinerary for travel. Since it is a collaborative research project, the proposal should normally include visits to Brazil from UIUC faculty or visits from Brazil of the Brazilian scholar(s) involved. If the research does not include travel, it must justify how the researchers will engage in collaboration.

The Grant Proposal:
All proposals should explain what the researchers plan to do and why, making clear the relevance of the project to their professional experience and the significance of the project for Brazil as well as within their field of scholarship. They must also explain the participation of the Brazilian scholar(s) in the research and how their work relates to that of the UIUC researcher. When drafting the collaborative research proposal, applicants should bear in mind that the selection committee is interdisciplinary, composed of scholars who are not necessarily specialists in the area of the applicants.

If the project began before the tenure of the grant, applicants should give a brief summary of the progress already made on the project, and how this grant will contribute to advancing the research. If the project is a new project, applicants must explain how it relates to their current work and to the work proposed for the scholar(s) in Brazil. Applicants should include information on any publication arrangements already made.

If the project includes funding from any Brazilian funding agency, applicants should include information about the funding source and the budget submitted by the Brazilian scholar to that funding agency. Proposals that indicate commitments by Brazilian funding agencies are especially encouraged. But statements should explain how the project will be developed without the commitment of these financial sources, if they do not materialize.

The bibliography should be no longer than two pages and should be attached to the project description. Each page of the proposal and budget should be consecutively numbered, with the names of the two PIs in the upper right hand corner of each page. The proposal should be headed with a brief descriptive title.

For more information please contact Elis Artz at the Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies at Coble Hall, Room 305. She can be reached via email at elisartz@illinois.edu.