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The Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies

Established in 2009, the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies promotes teaching and research about Brazil by faculty and students at Illinois and their Brazilian counterparts, who take advantage of the extensive resources available at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).Building on long-standing collaboration with Brazilian scholars in economics and agriculture, as well as nearly a half-century of teaching and research in Brazilian literature and history, the Institute fosters knowledge and understanding of Brazil across disciplines and colleges. It does this by offering fellowships to UIUC and Brazilian students at graduate and undergraduate levels; funding faculty research; organizing international conferences on Brazilian topics; and supporting cultural activities of all sorts.

O Instituto Lemann de Estudos Brasileiros

Estabelecido em 2009, o Lemann Institute promove o ensino e pesquisa sobre o Brasil por docentes e discentes de Illinois e seus colegas brasileiros, aproveitando os extensos recursos existentes na UIUC sobre o Brasil.

Illinois and Brazil

The University of Illinois has over a century of engagement in Brazil. Eugene Davenport, for whom Davenport Hall is named, was the first dean of the College of Agriculture at Illinois. As a young man he spent 1890-91 in São Paulo, Brazil, where he advised the coffee planter Luiz de Queiroz on establishing Brazil’s first school of agriculture, currently known as ESALQ (Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz), part of the University of São Paulo. In a memoir found in the UIUC archives, Davenport comments on the social conditions in Brazil in the years immediately following the abolition of slavery.
-Joseph Love, Emeritus Professor of History

Library Resources

The Brazilian Collection at the University Library is among the finest in the nation, with holdings that surpass 103,000 volumes in Portuguese. The Library has had a strong focus on Brazil for more than a century and was responsible for collecting materials for Brazil under the Farmington Plan in the 1940s and 1950s, an emphasis we continue today.

The Lemann Fellows for 2018-19 are as follows:

Michael Stablein
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Title: Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment and Generation of Valuable Biomass via Microalgal Biotechnology: A Prospect for Brazil

Luis Gonzalo Pinilla Gomez
Art History
Title: Conceptualism and Print Media: Brazilian Art Contribution to a Local Artistic Identity in Latin America

Marília Corrêa
Title: Unusual Suspects: Persecuted Soldiers under Military Rule in Brazil, 1964 – 1985

Cassandra Abena Osei
Title: Patterns in Afro-Brazilian Women’s Economic Mobility/Immobility in Brazil’s Labor Market, 1968 – 1995

Amanda K. Rector
Spanish & Portuguese
Title: Citizenship and Belonging in the in-between: Portuguese Migration to Brazil, 1830 – 1914

Werner Baer Doctoral Fellows:

Thaís R. S. de Sant’Ana
Title: Migrants and the Brazilian Boom City

Luke A. Plutowski
Political Science
Title: Attitudes Toward Clientelism in Brazil

Gustavo da Silva Cortes Gonçalves
Title: Credit Shock Propagation in Firm Networks: Evidence from Brazil

Thiago M. Adames

Faculty Research Grants

Projects chosen to receive Lemann Research Grants during the 2018-19 academic year:
Bill Cope, Professor, University of Illinois, and and Walkyria Monte Mor, Associate Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Project Title: UIUC – USP knowledge Exchange and Research Proposal: Literacies and Languages in Teacher Education Stage 2 Proposal

Gisela Sin, Professor, University of Illinois
Project Title: Order in Chaos: Political parties and preferencial PR systems in Brazil

Fatima Husain, Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science and The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology Collaborator: Jeanne Oiticica Ramalho Ferraz, Faculdade de Medicina, USP
Title: Neuroimage Brain Changes Following Tinnitus Treatment

Jodi Anne Flaws, Professor and Interim Head
Department of Comparative Biosciences
Collaborator: Wellerson Rodrigo Scarano, Department of Bioscienses, UNESP
Title: The Effects of Environmental Chemical Exposures on Reproduction

Richard Gates, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Collaborator: Daniella Jorge de Moura, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Title: Developing Faculty and Student Collaboration for Design and Control of Ventilation in Swine Facilities