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2023 Lemann Dialogue

The 2023 Lemann Dialogue will explore the roads to recovery in different areas of Brazilian public policy, specifically in economics, education, entrepreneurship, the environment, health, and racial justice. Speakers will explore both challenges and opportunities in Brazil.

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News: Marcelo Cunha Medeiros named Jorge Paulo Lemann Chair in Brazilian Economy

Jerry Dávila, director of the Illinois Global Institute; George Deltas, head of the Department of Economics; Harry E. Preble Dean Venetria K. Patton;  Marcelo Cunha Medeiros, the Jorge Paulo Lemann Chair in Brazilian Economy; Jorge Paulo Lemann; Chancellor Robert J. Jones; economics professor Eun Yi Chung; and Vice Provost Kevin Jackson. 

Terri Gitler, Illinois Global Institute, 2023-05-23